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Marquis Media LLC’s Mission: An Absolute Commitment To Produce And Implement Alternative Methods Of Outdoor Advertising That Provide Direct Contact With Your Target Audience Utilizing A Suite Of Services Proven To Be Successful.

Catching someone with your advertising message while their senses are unguarded is the purpose of wild postings.   People expect to see advertising when they open a print publication, or turn on a television and even while driving on major … Continue reading


State-of-the-Art & Larger than Life!
Projection Ads offer high-intensity projection advertising that captivates passerby with immediate and unforgettable clarity. Continue reading


Drive Your Message Home!
Our fleet of Mobile Billboards will literally DRIVE your message home. This innovative offering goes wherever you want to reach your target audience. Continue reading

florida crowd-marketing solutions by Marquis Media LLC

A Fun Alternative
Our Promo Bikes make your message stand out in a crowd. Friendly riders provide brand awareness by answering questions for curious on-lookers. Continue reading

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